Malaysia No:1 Numismatic Auction Platform

Welcome to Malaysia No:1 Numismatic Auction Platform

This Platform was created with the objective
1. Sharing the experience and the knowledge of the coins and banknotes.
2. Secure Platform for Member to do Buying or Selling
3. Create a Price Guide List by collecting of the Banknote & Coin Transaction Price at our group. Anyhow out of group transaction price will be consider.
4. Our member are also welcome and encourage to publish the post for the propose of selling and discussion regarding to the NUMISMATIC or related topic.

1). If you would like to sell or offer somethings in the post, please make sure that the pictures contain your own watermark (Such as Identity Card, Name Card or write down your Name and Contact Number in the Pictures).

2). You can post unlimited post in this group but it is related to NUMISMATIC topic only. Other than that, our admin reserve the right to delete without any notice.

3). For member that are promoting or selling their item, please provide a clear description to prevent any miss-understanding. Please also upload a clear picture regarding the items to make sure that the potential buyer could judge the condition clearly. It is encourage to provide the link pictures for the corresponding Reverse View if possible.

4) For members who have a bad record of selling or payment, We will take a necessary action against them.

5) All numismatic collection for Sale MUST be authentic. If Member not sure, please ask us before post it.

Please refer to this guide b4 your post your item..

Thank you very much.