IT Intern Seekers

Welcome to IT Intern Seekers Group.

IT Intern Seekers is a non-...profit group aimed at helping individuals pursue their ideal career goals.

It is meant for the Entry level Graduate positions.

By joining this group you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

Please take note of the following when posting an opportunity into the group:

1. Post either general or entry level jobs.

2. Post full information, so that individuals can see what the requirements are, and not just the link.

3. We don't allow posts that require other people to comment with "yes", cell phone or email. No one will get a job by just commenting on a post. Every individual has to follow the application process.

4. Never post any opportunity that uses a public email such as yahoo, gmail etc. Real companies have domains. This will help us avoid scams. Bear in mind that any opportunity use only a 086 fax number.

5. Any form of misbehavior will not be tolerated and will lead to an immediate removal from this group. So, let us all respect one another.

6. We all found this group clean, so let's keep it that way. Picture comments are totally unacceptable.

Thanks & Regards,
IT Intern Seekers Admin