You Know You're From Gilroy When:

There are many unique and zany qualities about our hometown that other people just can't appreciate.

You Know You're From Gilroy When:

1. you join this group.

2. the smell of garlic, that can make an out-of-towner pass out, doesn't even phase you.

3. you have probably gotten a speeding ticket on Monterey Road.

4. you are out of town and someone asks where you're from, you say, the bay area or San Jose.

5. you’re proud of “408”.

6. parties usually happen in someone’s garage.

7. First Street Coffee is way cooler than Starbucks or other corporate franchises.

8. you or one of your friends owns a lifted truck.

9. you have camped at Mt. Madonna, probably more than once.

10. you've gone jogging or biking along the levee.

11. half of your friends live "out in the country" or "in the boonies."

12. you’re shocked when you meet someone who isn’t from Santa Clara County.

13. you debate the merits of Super Taqueria versus Gaeta’s with your friends.

14. you are familiar with El Grullense and scoff at those who don’t know what that is.

15. everything closes at 10 p.m. except Safeway which is open 24 hours.

16. you hung out at Hollywood Video.

17. Rock Zone is the place for all your smoking needs.

18. the expansion of the 101 greatly improved your commute/social life into San Jose and elsewhere.

19. when you really don't mind potholes and don't slow down when you drive over them. They're everywhere, it's inevitable.

20. whenever a friend from San Jose comes to your house for the first time, they inevitably ask “so, what do you DO here?”

21. at least ten of your friends from high school are already engaged or married to the last person they dated in high school.

22. you know everyone and everyone knows you.

23. half the people you knew in high school still live here.

24. If you still live here you live with your parents because there is no point in getting an apartment because you’d be just as close to them.

25. you know all the back roads from driving around with your friends, because there is nothing better to do

26. Jack in the Box is your go-to food

27. you’ve eaten at Blackbear so many times that you forget that it used to be a Lyons.

28. it takes 30+ minutes to get somewhere good...because Morgan Hill doesn't count.

29. you went to jr high and already knew everyone from all the combined elementary schools because of sports, or other community things.

30. you either love country music, or refuse to listen to it.

31. you either love to put garlic on anything or refuse to eat it. Who am I kidding, you love it (you know you do)

32. no matter what anyone from San Jose says, you know Gilroy is not that far away.

33. you always go to the Garlic Festival even though you swear you'll never go again.

34. you can’t wait till you’re 21 so you can get into the Budweiser tents at the Garlic Festival.

35. Downtown Gilroy isn't really much of a downtown; you feel ashamed whenever you drive through Morgan Hill because it makes our downtown look like a ghetto.

36. you have jumped at least 3 different fences at Gilroy High (GHS).

37. you remember buying philly cheese steak sandwiches at GHS football games.

38. the LED sign in front of GHS is still pretty cool.

39. when it rains GHS becomes a swamp.

40. you have visited “the hill” or make it your permanent residence

41. the cafeteria is the nicest building at GHS.

42. Costco is the best thing that has happened to you in the past 5 years, thus saving you from a half an hour drive.

43. you know how to bypass the 10th street traffic.

44. you know where all the police cars wait for speeders and adjust your speed accordingly

45. Platinum Theaters is officially old and you now go to Morgan Hill for a better cinema experience.

46. you also go to the bowling alley in Morgan Hill.

47. Gav is the limbo between high school and college

48. Gav is always referred to as Gav, never Gavilan College. Sometimes it’s called UC Gav-Tech just to mislead outsiders into thinking that we actually go to a smart school.

49. you've been going to Gav for at least 6 years, and are still talking about "when I go to real college"

50. anyone who cuts class can usually be found at Christmas Hill Park.

51. The nortenos and surenos are the local gangs

52. everyone who comes to town knows about the outlets but you don’t actually shop there because you know its secret: the outlets suck.

53. you laugh at people wearing Hollister clothing and ask why they bought souvenirs.

54. you hate the Gilroy City Planning Commission.

55. the Town Hall has been a restaurant, a theatre, a children's art display, and a jail.

56. you still get lost trying to find the post office.

57. the homeless people by Target work in shifts.

58. you are proud that we now have a Mountain Mike’s. Although it's not as good as the one in Morgan Hill.

59. you’ve been to Dutchman’s Pizza.

60. the amzingness of OD’s is a not-so-secret secret.

61. you HAVE, along with everyone you know, worked at Bonfante Gardens.

62. you remember when it was named Bonfante Gardens and not Gilroy Gardens.

63. you probably worked at Platinum Theatres or had several friends who did.

64. you know where to find Cinema 1&2 and have probably broken in and explored it.

65. you hate the new “Super” Wal-Mart; frankly there’s not much super about it. They left their old building as an eyesore and there's no excuse for that.

66. you’ve been to Casa de Fruta but never stayed at Casa de Motel or ate at Casa de Restaurant.

67. you realize that Sonic has handicapped parking even though the food is brought directly to your car.

68. San Jose is considered THE CITY instead of San Francisco.

69. you have tried or thought about trying garlic ice cream.

70. you realize that all similar shops are placed next to each other (ex: Safeway and Nob Hill, Hollywood Video and Blockbuster, etc)

71. you remember when Fruit Frizz was bigger than Jamba Juice.

72. if you don’t have a car you can still get anywhere within 15 minutes.

73. you pay no attention to The Dispatch because it’s a horrible paper.

74. you get excited when you find Christopher Ranch Garlic products outside of the Bay Area.

75. every time you pass Hobby World you think to yourself, “I remember when that was a skating rink”

76. every time you drive Hecker Pass there’s new construction.

77. you flip through copies of Out and About (which are everywhere) learning nothing because you already knew about all the events for that month.

78. you have been mentioned at least once in The Dispatch.

79. you have made a wax hand and bought a sand crab from the children's area at the Garlic Festival.

80. you learned to drive in the GHS parking lot.

81. you drive around Mt. Madonna for fun.

82. you know where to find Thousand Trails but don't ever go there

83. you go to a party and STILL hear about shows at the gaslighter

84. you never actually stop in San Martin, as far as you’re concerned it’s the buffer between MH and Gilroy.

85. you never drive through downtown Gilroy... it's just antique stores and Mexican restaurants anyway.

86. you have explored the hills behind Christmas Hill Park and have witnessed the landscape change from hills to condos, a gated community and a golf course.

87. you've watched property value triple in the last 10 years.

88. you took drivers ed at roadrunner

89. you've been on field trips to the Discovery Museum, the Tech Museum, and Sacramento.

90. you know several 'affectionate' terms for the new citadel of a police station.

91. you will do anything to avoid turning across Church Street.

92. you did research at the Gilroy Library for elementary school reports.

93. you never go 45 on Santa Teresa.

94. the light at Chestnut St. haunts your nightmares, always turning red just before you get there.

95. Safeway vs. Nob Hill is no joking matter!

96. the same ads have been rolling at the Platinum for... years.

97. you played at Miller, San Ysidros, or El Roble Park growing up.

98. the Christmas Hill park amphitheatre hasn’t been used since you were little.

99. you remember when the Christmas Hill Park playset was made of wood, metal, and awesome, instead of plastic.

100. you always wanted to ride the horse on the top of the building on the corner of 6th and Monterey.

101. the McWhorter's building has been a gym and is now the new location of Grocery Outlet.

102. you found the Harvest Time restaurant creepy because there were no windows.

103. you remember the snowman built of giant tumbleweeds at Christmas.

104. you list Jeff Garcia as our chief export.

Feel free to post your own. If you want to be an officer let me know what you want your title to be.