Xbox/Psn Modz

Welcome to Xbox/Psn Modz Enjoy your stay

Rules admin/members posting bullshit links otherwise you will be banned
3.if you want to be on legit list pm an admin proof asking for admin
5. No scamming otherwise ill kick ur ass
6.Enjoy your stay
7. Dont post other people/ur group/youtube channel in my group otherwise i will ban u

Alex Higson
John Kyriacos
aidan bell
Bailey Monroe Santana
Noah Burnette
Pg kieran

Legit list
Alex higson (Dont mod Yet lol will be doing soon)
Linda sico
Mason Holiday
Skyler Davis
John Kyriacos
Owen Cashion
Noah Burnette
Tony Mondello (Sells Rghs)
Bailey Monroe Santana (Psn)
Bill diaz
Pg Kieran
PG Hannah

Scammer list
Matt Reynolds
Wesley Witherspoon