Ephrata Farmboy Trading

Trades only! No cash transactions! What you do on your own personal messages are between you but if you post about selling a item we will delete your post! After repeated deleting you will be removed from the page!

But any item you want to trade is welcome!

Another thing, don't complain about peoples posts, or about if someone just writes "What do you have?" Maybe the person who is wanting to trade doesn't have a specif thing they want, or need, but just want to get rid of something!
Throw something you want to trade out there. The worse they can say is no!

We are all adults so if you don't like what others write ignore them, or if you don't like how the page is ran delete yourself.

You can bump your items every 24 hours, and you can post whatever you want! Also feel free to invite friends to the page that like to trade stuff!