NW WI Men's Page for Buying, Selling, and Trading.

UPDATED RULES ~This is a buying, selling, and trading page for people in Northwest Wisconsin. Please feel free to post any of the following: items for sale, items wanted, help wanted, services offered,
places for rent, items for trade, your small business info, and community info.No firearms, pornography, alcohol, tobacco, or illegal item/substance sales.

~This is NOT an auction. Sellers will post their items and the price that they feel is acceptable. You may ask if they’d be willing to take less, but please do not offer more than the asking price if you notice someone else’s interest in the item. If you aren't interested in something, don't comment just to start trouble.

~ If you have been added to the page and have no interest in it, you can click on “Leave Group” on the right hand side of the page.

~If you have several items to list, please upload all the pictures into 1 album. When there are several posts by the same person, it takes up more room on the page, which in turn “hides” some others’ posts.

~PLEASE help me in keeping the page cleaner and easier to browse by deleting your posts as soon as your item is sold (or when you find what you were looking for, when your garage sales are over, etc). If you can not find your post or have trouble deleting it, please let me know and I will take care of it.

~The most common question I have been asked is, “What does ‘bump’
mean?” As more & more posts are added to the page, the older posts get
moved farther down the page. Also, when someone comments on a post, it brings that particular post back up to the top of the page. So, when you notice that your post is being “pushed” down the page, you can simply comment “bump” on the post to bring it back up to the top. This is not something you have to do.

~Foul language, rude comments, arguments, and/or posting of illegal items will NOT be tolerated and your post will be deleted immediately. Depending on the severity of the content, you may also be banned from the page If I miss any of it, I would appreciate help from other members in bringing it to my attention.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding!
Questions, comments, and concerns may be directed to me through a facebook message.