It's Bernie Or Nothing

Welcome! "It's Bernie Or Nothing" was created so that Bernie sup...porters who feel as though Bernie is our only true choice for a President who will stand in line with the people, can speak and network freely. Bernie Sanders has the experience, vision, and proven record to move our country forward. Although this is the overall theme, supporters of all candidates are welcomed. Please be informed that all views are open to discussion and as long as you're not berating any member of the group, it will be tolerated. There are some guidelines to follow and they are listed below along with some helpful links.

1- Please, feel free to voice opinions, but NO false facts on other candidates, no slander and absolutely no negativity about Bernie Sanders unless it's a proven fact. We are Bernie supporters and we should hold ourselves to high standards regarding the truth.

2- Please keep it tasteful as this is an open group. That means no pornography or obscene/offensive material. In addition, no ads or marketing and please keep all content related to the presidential race.

3- As stated earlier, this group is open to all and that includes people with different views, religions and ideas. As long as it relates to the race, it's allowed. This is not the group for you to attack anyone for having a different belief. If you're both debating for the end result to end up with Bernie in the White House, then fine. With that being said, do NOT use this page to promote the idea of "Vote Democrat no matter what." This is a pro-Bernie page that is against that rhetoric and the DNC's biased promotion of Hillary Clinton. It's Bernie or Nothing. Follow the hashtag #bernieorbust!

4- There is no "defeat" talk in here. Leave it for Hillary's camp to worry about losing. Share links, videos and ideas about how we can get Bernie elected for the Presidency, not what to do if he loses. With a winning mindset, we will finally see REAL change come the next 8 years. We are the key in our success. Be apart of the movement, be apart of something positive, be strong and stay proud. Go Bernie!

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There is a post approval, for now, in this group. 99% of all things posted will go through. This is in an effort to prevent the 1% of posts containing trolls, HillBots, obscene material and talks of "defeatism."

In order to report anything that is not following the guidelines, please adhere to the following; "From the group page (not timeline), click the right side drop down arrow at the top of the post and select “Report to Admin.” Violators are subject to being banned from the group.

My name is Tahbarri Clendinen and I'm the creator of the group. You can contact me or the other admins if you have any questions. I look forward to working together to make sure Bernie gets elected! See More