Artificial Intelligence Planning - Coursera course

Hi All... I'm formulating a bibliography for Transhumanism, Human 2.0, Post-Human issues related to exponential technological advancement and the potential dangers it hold for us, as well as the immensely positive outcomes we may be able to achieve from this. Could any or all of you be so kind as to suggest some pertinent seminal papers, books, articles, government reports (various governments), legal papers or instruments that deal with such issues, international organisations specifically set up for such issues, domestic or international treaties and conventions... Even important policy papers, documentaries and seminars. Please do message me. I will try to acknowledge and answer each and every mail. I will absolutely appreciate this and be FOREVER grateful (hopefully, if we get this sorted out) , as this will go a long way towards helping me produce a mutually beneficial book that deals with the best ways to assist us in organising ourselves towards collectively enhancing our mutual goals for indefinite life extension, AI, human-machine interfacing, human augmentation, genetic engineering, neuroscience, neural engineering, cryogenics, consciousness transference, advance robotics, etc... I hope to produce, as a strategist, a publication that could really help us lift off and get the attention of the best and brightest. Please feel free to suggest as many of the above as possible. I will endeavour to ensure that I get through as many as possible to help me understand how to go about this project. Just a note, the sooner the better. But, this will be a project that may take a couple of years, so if things come up later, please do not hesitate to message me.. Thanks and gratefully, Aqab