Rosslyn Park Reunion

30th may 2004 we lifted the cup at Twickenham, and a few of us decided in the pub last night that it might be quite amusing to try and get a reunion of the old park teams together. everyone from the A's through to the Academy welcome for a pub session somewhere in the Wimbledon/Putney/Barnes area.

Most of the 2004 A team is covered, but Wareso/Bealey reckon you can have a go at putting together some names for a B team? i will add them and get them on to an event (most likely to be in September time as everyone will be back from travelling/uni by then and should be in the area assuming they haven't moved away.)

anyone who has any ideas for names or potential pubs chuck them on this group. We'll use this as an admin base and then create a group once weve got more names.. hope you all agree it would be a good laugh and hope those of you i havent seen for a while are well!