Increase car insurance premiums for chavs...

Fed up of greasy scruffy lacoste riddles chavs driving behind you right up your ass whilst your toddling along in your car?

Sick of the sight of loud mouthed wannabe gangsta's hanging around your area stinking out the place.

Never fear, lets teach these wombats a lesson and increase the cost of living for these INCREASING THEIR CAR INSURANCE.

Afterall, alot of accidents on the road are caused by boy racers is the 200 quid nova's, trying to impress their 14 year old girlfriends and dole scrounging chums crammed into the back seats of their cars.

From now on, insurance companies should ask the following questions. A yes means an increase of one hundered pounds per question answered yes:

-Do you tuck your 10 year old kappa trackies into your naf naf socks
-Do you drink white lightning in public areas
-Is your car worth 200 pounds or below
-Have you spend over a thousand pounds on (AHEM) car enhancements, money saved up from years of paper rounds and benefit cons
-Do you ring at least 6 people a day with a withheld number, threatening to smack them with your bad boy homies, without reviling you true identity to the victim.
-Do you own at least a dozen illegally downloaded/stolen hardcore remixed cascadia cd's that you play on repeat for hours on end
-Do you own more than 4 hoodies
-Do you wear more than 6 pieces of fake gold at once.
-Do you wear a pair of ear rings.
-Do you think your hard and a gangster cos you slapped a 12 year old at the park once.


Fear no more.