Life Beyond SSRI Antidepressants - Prozac, Effexor and many more.

Welcome to our group. We come from all walks of life and share one thing in common; Our lives and/or the lives of friends or family, have been negatively affected by SSRI & SNRI medications. Every member's contribution to this group is valuable and all opinions are welcomed. Members are encouraged to actively participate and to share freely, anything from a scientific journal excerpt, to a controversial/opinion based essay, or even a lighthearted comic picture. Please be mindful that this is a closed group, meaning that only members can see posts. Any written posts made within this group page are to stay here on the page, unless you gain permission of the original poster to share it, to help assure an environment of safety and confidentiality.

We are not Scientologists and don't endorse Scientology. We're also not Christian Scientists. This group is against antidepressant use - no more, no less. We do post alot of material from CCHR, a Scientology group, because we agree with it. Just keep in mind where and how CCHR gets its money.