Earth Friendly Food Choices

Welcome to Earth Friendly Food Choices! Our mission is to help create a healthier, kinder, more loving and peaceful planet. We help people take their next step toward an earth friendly way of life by educating and supporting them in adopting a whole foods, plant based diet.

The group is open to all who are interested in learning a healthier and more peaceful way of living and eating. Animal advocacy is welcomed, but images of graphic violence are not.

All posts must be related in some way to food, nutrition, or diet and lifestyle change. We encourage honest debate, but ask that exchanges be courteous and respectful. Some petitions may be allowed, but most will probably be deleted. Recipes for tasty, healthy plant-based dishes are very welcome. We ask that members do their best to avoid posting recipes that include animal products, such as dairy or eggs, gelatin, mayonnaise, or honey. Sales and marketing posts for products or services not directly tied to our mission will be deleted.

Feel free to message me or assistant group administrator Deborah Pageau with any questions or concerns. Thanks for joining us! We wish you well.

Peace... Don Robertson