I grew up in Plantation, FL.

50 Childhood Memories from the '80's:

1. Your area code was 305 and not 954.

2. You were annoyed (and slightly hurt) when your area code was changed to 954.

3. You were annoyed (but slightly flattered) when your friends from other cities copied your ideas. (Some things never change!)

4. You remember when you could see cows along University Drive from your car seat.

5. (Wait a second, you never sat in a car seat- you rolled around in the back of your parents’ station wagon.)

6. You were lucky enough to feel safe and secure during your youth…but are only starting to appreciate that now.

7. You learned all of life’s important lessons on the PAL sports fields (i.e. Central Park, Pop Travers, Pine Island Park, Fig Tree etc.)

8. You never got a speeding ticket from a Plantation Cop (but got several from Sunrise and Davie Cops).

9. Your childhood ‘hood is now referred to as “Old Plantation.”

10. What do the songs "Jam On It," "I Love Rock and Roll," and "Push It" remind you of? Rollaway Skate Way, of course!

11. You performed in a Meg Segreto’s dance recital or knew someone who did.

12. You attended Nova (public or private) or knew someone who did.

13. You attended St Thomas or knew someone who did.

14. You knew that Broward Blvd separated the Colonels from the Paladins.

15. You never understood why your parents paid extra money for blue Plantation garbage bags.

16. You could get to any of your friend’s houses via 70th avenue, Peter’s Road, Pine island or Broward Blvd...or thru the dirt roads in the Acres!

17. Your friends’ mothers were friends with your mothers whose friends had kids who were in your grade who made sure to tell their mothers all of your business so that your mothers were fully aware.

18. You smell peanuts when you think of Ground Round. You smell the Plantation Library when you think of books.

19. You spent way too much of your parents’ money at McSugars.

20. You cried when Showbiz Pizza Place closed.

21. When you got to the top of the "high dive" platform at the Central Park pool and looked down you were scared to jump off but did so anyway to avoid having the life guard drop you into the water.

22. You remember when you had to drive down Federal Highway to get to the airport (before 595 existed)

23. Y-100 and Power 96 may always hold a special place in your heart....but SHE's only Rock 'n Roll.

24. You probably went to sleep away camp, but only after you did “your time” at Pine Crest, St. Gregory's, the JCC, BCC, or American Heritage day camps.

25. “Art in the Park” was a big deal and you simply accepted it.

26. You waited in line at Marian's for a bagel at least once a month (or once a week or once a day...)

27. You could navigate through the 5th street park with your eyes closed but never knew it’s formal name.

28. You waited on baited breath for the Polar Cup/ice cream truck to drive through your neighborhood.

29. Your house did not look like your neighbor’s house and there were no HOA fees.

30. You will always hate the 49ers.

31. You thought that the Canes were winning because they were amazing athletes.

32. You attended the 1984 Jackson Victory Tour at the Orange Bowl.

33. You are sad that you will never be able to attend another event at the Orange Bowl again.

34. You survived the triple drop slide at Six Flags Atlantis. And, you can associate a water slide with University Drive.

35. You are sad that you will never be able to go to Six Flags Atlantis again.

36. You went on your first date to Friday’s followed by a flick at "Movies of Plantation."

37. Your first job was at the Broward Mall.

38. You recall the excitement when the Fashion Mall debuted…but never understood why it was so close to the Broward Mall---both right down the road from the Plantation Town Mall that has since burned down :(

39. You know that “There’s Something About Mary” was filmed at City Hall.

40. (What other city in Broward County has a “City Hall?”)

41. You still have your “sticker books” and your “smelly stickers” are still smelly. (All hail Glitter Gallery, Good Grief and Art Explosion!)

42. You can appreciate "where the grass is greener."

43. You always got a candy cane from Santa whether you celebrated Christmas or not... Santa always made a stop in your neighborhood on Christmas Eve while riding on a Plantation Police fire truck!

44. At least 3 of your science projects made it to the Broward Country Schools Science fairs.

45. You were a “Math Superstar” and damn proud of it!

46. You dropped by the Central Park Haunted House every Halloween night for 10 years.

47. You can still smell the smell of the Hobby Shop…and probably still have many of the baseball cards that you purchased there (at least you hope you do!)

48. You covered your ears during the finale of the Central Park fire works display every 4th of July.

49. You will never be able to decide which pizza is better...Jacaranda Pizza or Pizza Center...CJ's or LuvNOven...Zucherelli's, Cozzoli's, or Sbarro?...or pizza bread from Mr. D's?........when in doubt, say Viva when I say Taco!

50. You love explaining to people that you didn’t actually grow up “on” a plantation; in fact, you grew up on the 6th borough of NYC.

……………....................(and the beat goes on!)