Gamers Group

The admins have decided to reiterate the rules that all group me...mbers are to abide by. Warnings will be given upon first offenses and second offenses will result in banning of the member. Severity of offense can result in initial banning if deemed so by the admins.
1.) No harassment, instead members should criticize and argue constructively. Examples of harassment include insulting personal information of members like family, race, heritage, etc.
2.) Be responsible for reporting offenses to admins and do not contribute to negative or derogatory behavior. If you feel you are being harassed, please report it immediately in a private matter.
3.) When posting YouTube gaming videos or channels, please make them in a post.
Do not spam other members post with links or anything other then the post topic..
4.) Debates on console wars need to stay within our rules by respecting each other, once it escalates the post will be deleted by an admin
5.) No blocking admins ...... Blocking admins is unacceptable if noticed there will be a warning.. if warning stays un-noticed it will be an immediate banning of gamers group. know who your admins are and respect them.
6.) This a gamers group not Ebay or Craigslist
do not make post of selling consoles games or asking for paypal info to sell modds. once noticed the post will be deleted by an admin.
7.) No asking for mods of any kind. Cheating mods or Personal info sharing (gameshare)
8.) No porn or any sexual content allowed in post nor comments links etc.
9.) There is no promoting of other groups, promoting of other groups will result in a warning, if warnings unnoticed then the member will be permanently blocked.
10.) Posting selfies are ok as long as they are game related. (Keep photos G rated)
-Selfie Bios are Reccomended! (Introduce yourself) WEDNESDAYS ONLY

Please use this group for making friends and discussing video games lets keep posts game related. Thank you