You know your an AMMO troop when.....

Just a reminder...This group was created for AMMO troops only, to reconnect, express, pray, inquire, remember and laugh about all of our shinanigans. Please DO NOT invite members that are not or have never been an AMMO troop and that includes AMMO spouses, relatives, girlfriends, etc etc.I understand that this may be offensive to some but I created this group ONLY for 461's, 465's and 2W0's whether they are retired, guard, reserve or active duty. If you notice that someone is commenting and they are not an AMMO troop please let me know.

Some may receive a message from me if I receive a request to add you and can't tell from your fb page whether you are AMMO or not. If its been awhile and you still have not been added you may want to check for messages in your "other" inbox.

Also, for all of the "newbies", if you notice your comments disappearing as quickly as they go up, it is because the administrators and I felt that it was absolutely not AMMO related. Just because you put YKYAATW prior to your status does not automatically make it AMMO related. So please reserve any non AMMO status's, meme's, pictures, racist comments, president bashing, etc. for your own personal FB page. This is not what I created this page for.

I'm sorry if this rant makes the page less enjoyable. However, there are a ton of AMMO groups out there that may better suit you if that's the case.

Otherwise, to all my fellow AMMO troops, please continue to enjoy this page. Its grown into such a large group. More than I ever imagined and I feel privileged and grateful to be a part of this awesome career field.

The End.


Thank You.

Debra Barner McCarley