Geneseo Alumni NYC Cabaret

I recently made a sojourn up to Geneseo to see the MTC show, and it got me thinking, wouldn't it be awesome if there was some sort of performance outlet for Geneseo alumni in New York City? Many other colleges with performing arts programs have "senior showcase" events attended by agents and casting directors, but we don't really have anything like that, and when we make the move to NYC, even if we know or live with other alumni, we're mostly on our own in the "performing arts career" department.

So I thought it would be a cool idea to create an alumni cabaret event in the performing arts mecca of the world. The purpose of such an event would be:

-To help the performing arts programs at SUNY Geneseo (and their alumni) earn a positive reputation in the New York City theatre community

-To establish a strong network of SOTA alumni to help new graduates in the city become acclimated and obtain career-building connections through other alumni

-To keep our alumni active in the performing arts and create our own performance opportunities

-To keep our passion, camaraderie, and Geneseo spirit alive!

Some other thoughts I had about this event:

-It should be open to any Geneseo alumni who were active in SOTA, regardless of their "official" academic concentration.

-It should be organized primarily by the alumni, and retain an official connection to SOTA and Geneseo's alumni association, so that current students can aid in publicity and fund-raising efforts.

-It should be an ongoing thing, perhaps annual or bi-annual or even more often than that, so that we can improve with each show and increase our network.