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Hello everyone my name is Yo Le. I am a network marker that is developing millionaire habits and wants to connect with anyone that has the same aspirations. So if you are a network marker or aspiring to be one then JOIN this Group and get to know other network marketers.

We will share ideas about how to market online and let you know of events that are coming up in the industry. There are constantly new webinars or conference calls that you can attend and most of the are free to join. JOIN this group and you will be aware of those events and also get to rub elbows with other successful network marketers.

If you have ever heard any of the 7-figure earners in this industry you will know that you often hear the same message. In order to be a millionaire you need to think like an millionaire and have habits like a millionaire. Well no one is topping you but YOU so CHANGE and become what you know you desire and are entitled to receive. Become a MILLIONAIRE BY HAVING MILLIONAIRE HABITS.

The Nine Habits which Self Made Millionaires Adopt:
- Be a Value Creator by Always Exceeding Expectations
- Be Proactive and Make Things Happen
- Do What You Love
- Believe in Delayed Gratification
- Never Get Complacent and Constantly Improve Oneself
- Be 100% Committed and Make it a MUST to Succeed
- Instill a Sense of Integrity
- Have Self- Discipline
- Perceive Failure as Feedback and Turn it Into Success
(Calvin Woon)

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