Inland Empire Health Choice

★ Welcome to the Inland Empire Health Choice Group! ★ PLEASE READ:

Thank you all for participating in this movement to defend our fundamental right to choose!

This grassroots regional group has been formed for a single & common goal – to defeat SB 277.

Please check your "Other Messages" as admins may send you a message prior to approving your request to join! :)

• Please keep your posts in this regional group supportive of the common goal to strategize & mobilize LOCALLY. You can direct more general posts to the larger umbrella group representing all of CA- California Coalition for Health Choice- their Facebook group is here-
• In an effort to keep the posts in this group organized, efficient & easily navigable, please try to label your posts with a short header in CAPS. Suggested titles are (but not limited to):
-EVENT (also tag with #SB277Calendar)
-If you are posting information/event about a specific city, place that city in the header, ex. EVENT - BERKELEY or ACTION - LA
-State the reps name - "SENATOR X"
• Please keep your comments on-topic per the thread to maintain the integrity of the conversation.
• Please keep your comments respectful in this group. This includes respect toward your fellow community members, the admins, & toward politicians & our opposition in all of your communications in or outside of this community. Our movement will have a greater impact if respect & dignity is upheld in all of our actions.
• Before you post a question or reach out to ask a question to an admin, please perform a search in the group to see if your issue has been addressed before. You can only do this on a computer – under the group banner on the upper right hand side there is a search toolbar. You can search for keywords or names of posters/commenters there.
• The same goes for any new news or links – please scroll through the recent activity to see if the new link or breaking news has already been shared on the site before you post it.
• Admins reserve the right to delete a post if it is found to be inappropriate for this group or in any other way a violation of these guidelines.

★Helpful tips & links★
• Check out the group's Files section to find many helpful documents & resources
• Commit to taking action on at least one thing everyday.
• Use a hashtag anytime you post about this issue outside of this group to raise awareness: