Tenza Fans and Friends

Hello my Name is Mikka they call me Mikki,1 am 21 years old. Welcome to Tenza's fansite, I am Tenza's biggest fan . www.tenzafansite.com

I chose to create a fan site for Tenza because I love her so so so much. Also most press on Tenza is always in another language and not english.
I am studying music and media in Australia, and Tenz ais my Two year university project.

The main purpose of this site is to keep everyone up to date with exclusive press on Tenza. I have contacted Tenza's Team who said they are happy for me to create the fan site as long as I base all press around facts, they are willing to give me exclusive press before any other sources.

Tenza is a unique and positive reggae Artist, I have been following Tenza's musical progress since she was in the group Fya, Tenza always stood out to me. I saw Tenza perform in Japan in the city of Nagoya, she was amazing she was filled with energy and she is very beautiful. I will keep you all up to date on Tenza Musical progress, her rise and falls throughout 2011. All updates i promise will be written in english.