Flowers of Sikkim Himalaya

Sikkim situated in the Eastern Himalayas with an area of 7,096 is one of the smallest but most beautiful and diverse states of India. Nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, bounded by Tibet in the North, Bhutan in the East, Nepal in West and Darjeeling, a district of West Bengal in the south, Sikkim is famous for its natural beauty, spectacular terrain, pristine lakes, luxuriant forests, peace and tranquility.
Sikkim is an ultimate paradise for nature lovers with its diverse and beautiful flora and fauna. Sikkim is also a rare bio-diversity Hotspot in the Indian sub-continent.
The elevation range of Sikkim is amazing with as low as 400m to 8586m. The altitude gain in a short distance is so much which makes Sikkim unique with diverse vegetation type which supports many flowering plants.
Sikkim is believed to have more than 4,500 flowering plants which also include some of the beautiful flowering trees like Rhododendrons, Cherry, Magnolias, Erythrina, and Bauhinia etc. We have more than 500 species of wild Orchids, 36 species of rhododendron and countless alpine flowers and medicinal plants.
The idea behind starting this page “Flowers of Sikkim Himalaya” is to document flowers of Sikkim through photograph and to share/ exchange knowledge on flora of Sikkim as well as other parts of India. This provides a platform for all the flower lovers, especially younger generation and to motivate them to learn more about flowers.
I feel that flowers make everyone happy and it also has a great healing power. So, let us all come together and spread the happiness through sharing of pictures and knowledge of this beautiful creation of nature.