ExpatBabies Berlin

This is Expatbabies & Toddlers Berlin, a closed group for international parents and expectant parents living in Berlin of children UNDER AND UP TO 5 YEARS OF AGE. (see the details below if you have a child in Berlin who is 5 years or older.) This group is a useful resource to share information, ask questions and to meet other parents and expectant parents in Berlin.

If you have a child who is over 5 years (teenagers very much included) in Berlin, please feel free to join Expatkids Berlin (https://www.facebook.com/groups/844609522248598/?fref=ts)

This is an English language group but is open to all nationalities of course, we just converse with English as the main language.

Feel free to introduce yourself to the group with a little information about yourself, your children, where you are from etc.

This is a community and thus is intended to be a useful and supportive group. Should any members be directly offensive to fellow members they will be removed from the group. If you feel you have been directly offended yourself, feel free to report it to the admin.

This is also not a community purely for selling your business. If you are a regular contributor to the group, you are welcome to share work you are involved with but I ask that you write to me first to double check. Anyone who joins and purely advertises or shares spam will be removed instantly from the group.