Calcutta Adda n Food

CAnF is all about travel through reminiscence of one and anecdotes from another and the follower who turns up into a theater pursued by music, expressed in songs, cultured in poetry rebelled via lyrics worked on short stories , captured and preserved owing to photography, scribbled in ink , washed in water colour , stuck with oil and portrayed by the nondescript , hence enjoyed by the witty . Food is just a part of us who love getting pickled and tickled. ;-)
As the admin and creator of the CAnF page / group let me make it very clear for all members have equal rights in the group. But, if an individual or a group within the CAnF group is hell bent on spoiling the basic nature of the group and it's democratic ways with continuous disruptive as well as post that are annoying and derogatory comments directed at the seniors or at any member , then it would be taking "Liberty , Equality and Fraternity" beyond its respect and stretchable limits . Hence, by indulging into such activities by a group or an indiovidual within the group then the group is likely to earn a bad name . And, I as both the creator and the admin of the group wouldn't let such activities to continue. The basic nature of the group , is its cultural side , its non-political stand , its championing of typical simple man on the street i.e., 'shadaron' manush er food, adda , photography, cinema , theater chorcha. And, if such flavour of the the page gets side tracked and over shadowed, then such ‘problem creators’ shall be thrown out. In the past, I did receive phone calls and inbox messages from men and women both from within Calcutta and outside asking me to "stop this nonsense" which was getting to be very painful for a lot of dedicated members who follow the page , but may not comment. Two of the members even met me in person over a cup of coffee and black tea. I was even called and associated with Adolf ! But, I do not mind being a follower of Josef ! Henceforth, a prior approval is necessary from the admin for making posts on this group . Censorship isn't always bad cause it applies its checks . The group has also changed its privacy settings . Couldn't help it , keeping in mind the larger interest of the group.