1080 eyewitness.

This site is for you to show the world what you, and others have actually seen 1080 and other poisons do and how it has affected you, your community and people you know. Please post what you have seen here and contact www.tvwild.co.nz

The department of conservation has increased its use of aerial poison and drop zone boundaries are to include many areas which have never seen aerial pest control. These areas need to be recorded. There will be an increase in domestic animal deaths in areas where poison is dropped near human habitation. This is a serious human & animal rights abuse issue and it needs to be recorded.

Photos personal accounts and evidence welcome. This is a collection of eyewitness accounts only, this is not an arguments site. Please feel free to like and comment from your own and other's experiences.
I know this is a very strong issue for all of you, But please debate your views on the other 1080 sites. Angry comments, slander and arguing will be deleted straight away. Do feel free to copy and paste material from this site for debate on other sites.

This is designed as a historical document to give eye witness accounts of 1080 use in NZ.