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Upon meeting so many incredibly great artists on Facebook, and noticing all the well executed landscape works, I realized there was not a group (at least none that I have noticed as of yet) dedicated to all landscape painters no matter what media, whether they work plein air or in their studio, it doesn't matter.
So, this group, and I hope it can be successful, is for all landscape painters, no matter who you are or where you are located... in America or Across the Seas.
It is exciting that every day can bring another way of expressing and interpreting what we see and feel about the landscape before us.
As nature continuously changes, we strive to capture and interpret her many moods, her essence, her ambiance, her soul.
Through these landscape works, we can share her serenity and tranquility of what we feel about nature and to instill in the viewer a sense of her beauty and greatness...and the importance of preserving and taking care of all of nature for the sake of all life on this earth. This is truly what this group is all about. The preservation of the open the viewers eyes to her.