Point Yacht Club

The Point Yacht Club was formed in Durban on 14 May 1892, and at the time was composed mainly of Point residents, hence the name. The first clubhouse was completed in August 1893 at a site in Hospital Road. The Club has moved a number of times before settling into new premises in August 1935 at the present location. Extensive additions and alterations have been made to the original building resulting in the structure you see today. Over 100 years of being a premier yacht club has produced many South African champions and Olympic sailors. The Club also hosts World Championship events offshore, and is renowned for its super sailing waters and organising ability. We are one of the few yacht clubs that cater for youth, dinghy, and keelboat sailing. Point Yacht Club plays host to many international visiting yachts and their crews, who use Durban as an ideal place to replenish supplies, and take advantage of the excellent repair and slipping facilities