Monson Speaks

A place to speak about what's going on in Monson.

Monson was first settled in the year 1715 and was officially incorporated in 1775. The town was named after Sir John Monson, a friend of the governor.[1] Monson was largely a mill town until most of the mills in town closed down due to poor business. Monson also had a large granite quarry that was opened by Rufus Flynt, later owned by his oldest son William Flynt. It was closed around 1935. On the afternoon of June 1, 2011 a tornado struck and caused extensive damage to the center of town.

Trivia: Monson, like its neighboring town of Hampden, does not have a single traffic light, but it does have a blinking light at the intersection of Route 32 and High Street in the center of town.

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