Clay Blaker – Recollections Of Then and Now

Here are some pictures I have found so far. Many more are in storage and hope to get to them sometime soon. Thanks to those that have sent some and for those of you who will add in the future.
Clay was born in Houston but raised in Almeda. He began writing songs in his early teens as a way of expressing himself and taught himself how to play the guitar.
In 1970 Clay, an avid surfer, moved to Maui, but by 1973 music was becoming more important to him, and he moved to southern California to be near some friends who were in bands. He started his own band in 1974 and played all along the California coast until December 1976, when he took the Texas Honky-Tonk Band to Houston for a week's vacation. They became so popular in Houston that they stayed.
And everyone know the rest====

From the Bocus Breeze Paper –“For guests who would like to learn how to surf,
need to hone their surfing skills, or want the expertise of a surf guide, we highly recommends Clay Blaker – a veteran surfer and Bocas resident intimately familiar with the archipelago’s many surf spots.
Clay was a board shaper and competitive Gulf Coast surfer in the late ‘60s before moving with his family to Hawaii, where the waves were much more consistent and challenging. A successful career in the music industry – begun in Southern California in the early ‘70s – paid for his many surf trips over the next 30 years before he retired and moved to Panama. His surfing travels (unfinished) have taken him all over
Europe, Mexico and Central America. Surf lessons/trips are planned to accommodate
guests’ experience levels and may include lunch, beverages, snorkeling and/or other amenities for additional charges.
The on-call surf guide/instructor Clay Blaker has also been entertaining lodge guests in the evenings with his guitar and seasoned voice. Often accompanied by other musicians, Clay performs a repertoire that might include oldies, country, rock and self-penned songs that many may recognize.