Salli Babbitt Art

I layer color as the quality of visible phenomena. Through this infinite process, I respond in intuitive, physical and spiritual layers. My images rely on enlightened gesture for their primary vehicle of expression. They offer more mass and density through depth of color and layering of paint and line while exploring my raw response to the solar spectrum as it relates to my emotions.

Highly sensual in nature, the larger abstract patterns of color assimilate to bind the smaller images together. This gestural representation of a universal process, developed from Abstract Expressionist roots, reveals a figurative language that discloses what was formerly unknown. A sustained view draws you in to the paintings' acuteness of feelings and inherent powers of the natural and supernatural worlds. The canvas opens up to reveal spontaneous, physical, and spiritual layers. Fresh hues, glazes,and tactile layers build upon each other, increasing the intensity of my primarily psychological palette.

I develop an active symmetry between gesture and depth,while allowing a responsive balance between a light sensibility and being taken seriously. The technique is apparent in how each painting is capable of standing on its own merits,and yet, they comprise a singular vision. These are interactive and delicious paintings that should be explored and savored by the viewer.