Gulf Shores Spring Break 2013!

Okay so if some of you heard about a 40 person house I just found out that it's actually no longer available BUT there are several houses I have found near by right on the beach that can house 15-20 people and one that can house up to 30 people...

That being said, I need to know who is interested and could pay a deposit of around $100 BY EARLY NEXT WEEK in order to secure a house.

Please write on this group if you can commit and that's how I'll base the size of our house and give everyone final pricing, etc. You have to let me know though ASAP and if you have friends not in the group that want to come write their names in here and they can get added into the group.

The average total price should end up being somewhere around $300-$350 so SUPER inexpensive and all the houses I've found are really nice, right on the beach and have pools. There are a lot of Mizzou seniors going to Gulf Shores for spring break so it should be a great week!