Super M.A.D 4 Fitness ("M"otivation" --"A"ccountability--D"etermination)

This is a motivational fitness group. Everyone wont go about get...ting in shape the same way. I hope that in this group, you will find motivation, support, recipes, ideas, answers to your questions and even a workout buddy:-)

Please feel free to post when and where you plan to workout for the day and if you'd like others to join you. Even if you just plan to walking on your lunch break....POST IT! You never know who works close to you that needs that little nudge.


Everyone wants to be fit but it's easier said than done. Finding the drive, the time, the energy to reverse what has time, nature and bad habits has brought upon us.

Ever wonder why you purchase gym equipment that eventually ends up as a dust collector, meanwhile you may you find more satisfaction in hitting the gym or a class? There's one answer......MOTIVATION!!

You need that motivation, support or just to be in a supportive setting. It's so easy to quit at home because you have nothing that's motivating you and in some cases you have more things pulling at you than pushing you; Unlike a gym or a class. You begin to see individuals like yourself, striving for the same goal....Some bigger than you and some smaller than you but it doesn't matter because both of them are your motivation....The fact that the bigger one is killing this dance class and is not missing beat and the smaller one tells you that she was once the size of the heavier one. Trust me I know. I am she, she is me and I am you. (everybody wont get that. lol)

Catarsha A.
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