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I (Alexandre Iron) have been an active member in the Calgary real estate market. My partner (Alex Iron) and I started with investment real estate and then used our expertise to create one of the most dynamic real estate company in Calgary.

We named it REMI – Real Estate, Mortgage, Insurance. The idea behind REMI is to provide services like Real Estate, Mortgage and Insurance so that the client does not have to search for a different company if more than one such service is required. Simply, the client can obtain all necessary services at one company - the REMI Group. This will help to save time and get professional service! As everybody knows: time is money, so why spending so much time talking on the phone with different companies or driving around the city (especially when the companies are located at different parts of the city) to look for the best service or rates? Let us save your time!
As Owners of REMI Group we offer the following services to our valued clients:

REMI Real Estate Sales:
Cutting the edge team of professional realtors focused on your best interests; whether buying or selling commercial and residential businesses.

REMI Mortgage Financing:
Full service mortgage brokerage that markets your profile to the best lenders in Canada's competitive mortgage industry + lines of credits (business and personal), refinance, programs for self-employed, 0% downpayment and loans.
REMI Insurance:
Offer personal insurance including home, property, auto and creditor insurance as well as insurance for business.

REMI Realty Investments:
Investment options for income property and future developments in Calgary.

REMI Real Estate Management:
Personalized property management services for Calgary's residential marketplace.REMI Real Estate Renovations:
Complete general contractor services and design solutions for home improvement projects (large or small).
You might probably ask yourself how one company can offer so many expertise services at once as everybody should do their own business! We totally agree with you, that is why we are working in the teams of professional and knowledgeable people in their industry. In fact, Real Estate services are provided through Seller Direct Real Estate, Financial services are offered through Bridge Capital Inc. and Insurance services are offered through SouthSide Insurance Services Ltd.
Do you feel comfortable that you understand the REMI Group structure?
We hope that you are!
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Phone – 403-708-0159
E-mail – [email protected]
Regards, Alexandre Iron.