For Keiran James O'Brien - "Thank you for touching my heart!" Today, I wish that I had spent more time
Today, I wish that I had had more time
Today, I wish that I could turn back time. It took you no time at all to capture my heart.
Your gorgeous nature set you apart.
The strength of your hugs and the warmth of your smile.
It doesn't seem fair that we only had a short while. I've asked all the questions, time after time,
But the answers I seek, will never be mine.
So I have to be grateful, for the time that we had,
And replay my memories, whenever I feel sad. Know that I love you and miss you each day.
As you sit with Jesus, kneel down and pray.
Pray for your family that was left far behind,
Pray that time, will start to be kind. Time is a gift that we are given at birth.
None of us know, how long we have on this earth.
So I'm asking us all, to make time for the people we love,
And remember the loved ones we have up above. All my love
Aunty Trace