Warriors - Money for Adema

Huron Football is a family. We are all brothers. and when a brother is in trouble its up to his family to help him out.
As you have probably herd Cam Adema's house burt down recently and he lost pretty much everything. As a team were going to raise money to give him

you dont have to give much, just give what you can, even just $5 is enough, just find me or Cody Murrell and give us the money, ill put it in my locker and we will get a card and everyone will sign it. At the end of next week well give cam the money and the card at the end of the day

Dont forget:
-Give as much as you can
-My locker is in the science hall (3309) and codys is beisde mine
-We both have 4th lunch but ill be to and by my locker at the start of period 3 every day
-Text me : 905-392-6859 or cody :905-960-2213
-DONT TELL CAM.. its better if its a surprise

We are... Huron!