You Know You Go To Edison When. . .

You know you go to Edison when. . .

1) You see the same people come to school, only to cut and smoke in the park everyday

2) Your bigger then most of the security guards

3) You look at Jamaica's field then look at our Sabdbox and you wonder

4) Almost all of your rooms have smartboards, yet your teachers don't use them

5) You think the lunch line ladies go home and cry themselves to sleep after school is done

6) You've been suspended or have Gotten detention and have yet to understand what you did wrong

7) The walk up the hill feels like an epic journey

8) Your a girl and you have a crush on Mr Barbetta

9) Your a guy and you have a crush on Mrs. Cinque

10) You believed we really had a swimming pool in our school

11) You think our gym teachers set a bad example for our students

12) You think Mr. De La Cruz is the MAN.

13) You rep your shop class like a gang

14) You laugh when you see the Indian kids driving by with a car worth $1000 and a stereo system worth $5000

15) You've given the vending machines a beat down for trying to keep your chips you bought

16) You've had your schedule messed up so many times you lost track

17) You wonder what's the point of the big red promotion in doubt stamp on your report card

18) You've walked in a circle on the first floor so many times you lost track

19) Your a guy and think the school is a cockfest

20) Your a girl and although you think the school is a cockfest, you find most of the guys ugly

21) You think the librarians go WAY too hard

22) You spot the scanning van from a block away and you look for your friend with a bookbag

23) You've been forced to get hand wanded even if you had nothing metal on you

24) You wonder why none of the math teachers speak proper English

25) You know there's a real reason why the breakfast is free