Love Emma Bridgewater? Buy, Sell & pass it on.........

Welcome! This page gives everyone a chance to buy and sell their pre-loved or still new with tags Emma Bridgewater goodies.
A few 'rules':
* Only Emma Bridgewater is permitted on this page.
* Membership is restricted to individuals, no advertising or sharing of other pages.
*This is not a bidding or offers page. Each posting should be direct to the group and contain a picture and accurate description of the item. No stock images.This must include the size, condition and the price (inclusive of any fees and postage).
*Protocol dictates that the first person to comment on the photo is the 'winner', assuming the seller's price is met. In the case of commenting on an item in an album, first comment should be on the photo, rather than album thread.
* Please keep all negotiations to the page, rather than personal messaging. Once a sale is agreed, then the seller should message the buyer with payment details.
*Please only agree to buy if you actually intend to complete the purchase and pay the price agreed. Withdrawing or trying to renegotiate via personal message is unfair on both seller and other interested parties.
*Payment method should be stated by seller, and Paypal is the most popular method. You are strongly advised not to 'gift' payment as this provides no cover should there be a dispute or missing package. Sellers insisting on 'gifted' payments will be removed.
*If you sell an item, please clearly note it is sold and please send it out as soon as possible, remembering to obtain proof of posting for your parcel, or send it recorded delivery. Do remember to remove the photo once it has safely been received.
* Please keep comments 'positive'. Anyone found to be leaving malicious or bullying posts/messages or behaving contrary to the spirit of the page will be removed from membership.
* This is a UK based site so prices are assumed to be in UK sterling.
Please note that all transactions are strictly between the seller and buyer. The Love Emma Bridgewater page is here merely to introduce you ;-)
Finally, as you may know there are a number of scammers on the internet, so please help us to rid the Love pages of such rubbish, by reporting any you may see! Any fraudulent/scamming/fake account posts and anyone who blocks Admin will be removed from the Love pages and the individuals banned.
Happy selling and buying everyone x
Admins: Esme Thompson, Penny Walshaw and Alyson Dawes.
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