Rover SD1 Club

The Club can trace it's roots back to 1990. Originally named the... “Rover SD1 Drivers Club” the membership quickly expanded and the club was renamed “The Rover SD1 Club”.
Run by unpaid individuals in their spare time, as it still is to this day, the Club has always had a strong and enthusiastic membership here in the UK and Overseas, who love the superb styling and performance of the Rover SD1.
Well over three hundred thousand cars were produced, between 1976 and 1986. While some models are near to extinction, others have survived the intervening years in healthier numbers. Although the number of SD1’s is dwindling our membership is holding steady and the remaining cars are becoming much more cherished – an endeavour to which the Club is dedicated. However, the Rover SD1 Club is here for all model variants regardless of their condition. Even if you don’t actually own an SD1, the Club can provide you with a range of products and services that we’re confident will prove irresistible to enthusiasts of all things SD1.

Whether you’re an existing member or just browsing, I hope that you enjoy your visit here. Regardless of whether you’re a diesel, four, six or V8 devotee, you should find something on this site of interest to you.

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