Everman & Opal Patterson Family

As many of you know I have been having right hip problems as well as left knee issues (which are not resolved to my satisfaction). But that's another story. I went to see Dr. Vess, orthopedic surgery, here in Lewisburg in Nov and he told me I needed to have a hip replacement and that I needed bone grafting. He would only refer me to Dr. Jeffrey Morgan in Princeton. I went to him last Monday and his comment about my x-rays was "that's pretty impressive". He told me that I had two choices - I could learn to live with it and the pain or I could have surgery. Not wanting to live with this pain they scheduled me for the 1st available date with him and that is Feb the 25th. I will need to go in the hospital on the 24 and am not sure how long I will be there. Usual stay I believe is around 5 days. He said that by the time I left the hospital that I should be able to come back here using a walker "for a few days" and they could go to a "cane". May be off work from 6-12 weeks depending on how the surgery and recovery went. Thanks for the prayers thus far. I love all of you.