Maximum Efficiency Workshop

Breakdance Group in Kensington Market

Every Tuesday 4:15-6:00 P.M. @ The Youth Arcade

Free B-Boy (Breakdance) Classes
Battles and connect to City wide Battles

Taught by Switch Blade and Emstro, well experienced instructors with many successful students, from Maximum Efficiency Crew; the best b-boy crew in the country well known all around Canada. Our main objective is to spread the love of the dance, help students increase confidence, creativity, physical & spiritual health and strength, develop their own unique style through a strong foundation of the dance; meaning history, musicality, foundational moves (toprock, footwork, freezes), and also combining it with power and tricks (power freezes, windmills, coindrops, swipes, flares, headspin drills, etc.) without separating all different levels of the dance; which is the well known Toronto style.

Anyone of any age is welcome, and no need for experience.

We also have special guests coming in to share their own experience of the dance and their skills, such as:
Sticks (Ill manners, MEC)
Handlez (MEC)
Reat (Crime or Art- Puerto Rico)
Que Rock (Deadly Defiant Tribe, Ready to Rock) Troublez (Floor Assasinz Malitia, MEC)
Phade (Ground Illusionz)

...and many more to come.