Ashburne and Sheavyn Netball 2011/2012

Hello lovely ladies,

The name is pretty self explanatory...this is the facebook group for the 2011/2012 Ashburne and Sheavyn Netball Team!
Join it to keep up to date with all the socials, training and matches...

MATCH ROTA: (all Wednesdays)

Oct 19th VS History Society Hoops - 21.30
Oct 26th VS Oak House - 21.30

Nov 2nd (READING WEEK) VS FOLSS - 18.30
Nov 16th VS Dalton Ellis Halls - 18.30

Dec 7th VS Hulme Hall Netball - 19.30
Dec 14th VS Physics - 21.30

Feb 1st VS Pharmacy - 21.30
Feb 8th VS MUGS - 21.30
Feb 22nd VS ManchSEA - 20.30
Feb 29th VS Grosvenor Bluebirds - 20.30

March 7th VS Grosvenor Misfits - 19.30

April 27th VS Chemical Engineering - 18.30

Much Netball love
Meri x