Custer County, NE Buy/Sell/Trade

Welcome to this site! We are all here for the same reason, we either have stuff to sell or we are looking to find a good deal. With that being said, I don’t want to see items posted on here for higher prices than what I would find them in the stores. THIS SITE IS INTENDED FOR EVERYONE TO GET A GOOD DEAL. .

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Please Pick up and sell in a timely manner. If items are not picked up within 3 days seller has the right to move on to next person interested on the list. If you have not heard back from a buyer within 12 hours, you are also free to move on to the next person interested.

Weight loss advertisements are not allowed on the site.
Businesses, please PM an admin and ask before posting.

Selling of guns, real or fake, and ammo is also not allowed on the site!

For Safety Reasons, you must be 19 or older to buy or sell on this site.

In order to keep things simple, if your interested in an item, comment on the items picture, not the album. First to comment Interested on the photo and not through text or PM should get first dibs on item.

Please limit bumps to every 24 hours. Please limit to 5 posts at a time.
Please put mulitple pictures into an album.
Remember to include price, location, and weather you will travel or not. Any post without a price and location will be deleted.

Anyone who is a no show, will be contacted by the admins and you risk being deleted and banned. Also, anyone who doesn't follow the rules, will be banned.

3 strike rule applies. 3 strikes and you're out! No exceptions!!

Please try to handle all of your issues between each other, if you can't resolve it, pm an admin.

Delete your posts when they are gone, or please mark them as sold please delete…. Any items with no comments or activity in 2 weeks can and will be deleted!!!

Any questions, feel free to ask!