Job's Syndrome

Job's Syndrome is what our son, Kile was recently diagnosed with, but has suffered with all of his life of 7 years. There is no cure for Job's Syndrome; only symptomatic treatments which are more often than not, ineffective. Job's Syndrome affects only 1 in a million & is not prejudice of age, sex, &/or race. There have only been 265 confirmed cases reported in the WORLD as of today. My purpose for this group is simple: Awareness! With such a low number of reported cases the hope of raising funds for research &/or a cure are basically impossible. But I believe there are so many more people out there that this could be affecting & has just not been properly diagnosed. It has taken 4 years and more than 2000 miles traveled to get the diagnosis for Kile. It is not a diagnosis we wanted. In fact the morbitity rate is so much higher than the mortality rate. With these facts, there is little else to hold on to but the hope of a cure one day. Please take 2 minutes to google this on the internet. Be informed & spread the word.