Bob & Judy Brink Court

The purpose of this group is for people to share their thoughts on the naming of the new ROCORI High School floor after Bob & Judy Brink. It has been proposed to the school board that the new floor be named after Bob & Judy but it was turned down last week. The reasons that were giving for the turn down were that other people use the gym, not just mens basketball team and also that putting up a plaque as you enter the gym would be more reasonable.
The naming of the floor would of cost a total of $500 which has been already raised. The amount for the plaques would be upwards of $4000-5000 which would need to be raised since the school board doesn't have fund to pay for it. They entire school board acknowledges that Bob & Judy need to be honored in some fashion. We proposed a perfect solution and were turned down. Please share your thoughts both positive and negative for this idea! I am hoping to use this as a way to share with the school board how much support we have. Thanks!