Items For Sale in Enfield


Please respect all the guidelines of this group and treat people as you would wish to be treated, or you may be removed from the site. If for any reason you have a problem with a buyer or seller please do not put up a post and bad mouth the buyer or seller. Instead of putting up a post please inbox the buyer or seller and try to resolve the matter, if for any reason you cannot reslove the matter then get in touch with admin.

Admin is not responsible for any transactions between people, so please be careful when doing so, make sure you check the items before purchasing them as this is down to the buyer to check items are in working order when buying. Admin is here to try and help where and give advice where we can..

This site has been created for selling unwanted items and also bulk buy and pre-order items can be sold on this site. No business ads or service ads are allowed to be posted on this site, it is only for buying and selling. If you are selling bulk items or pre-order items can you please put this into albums and post on the wall as this will save space on the site.NO PETS, ALCHOHOL, CIGARETTES OR TOBACCO TO BE ADVERTISED ON THE SITE..

5 items can be posted at any one time anymore than that and they will be removed and you will have to repost. Bumping can be made every 4 hours, also please do not put up duplicate posts or they will be deleted.

Please give a clear description of the item you are selling with a price and postcode to save people asking you for more information. ASKING FOR OFFERS IS NOT PERMITTED, IT PROMOTES BIDDING AND FACEBOOK RULES DO NOT ALLOW IT.

MOBILE PHONES: Mobile Phones have now been banned as thre have been a few people that lost money over phones that either didnt work or were stolen..

First person to comment on an item has first refusal but must reply within two hours of the seller getting back to the buyer, otherwise the seller can offer it to the next person in line as it is not fair to the seller if she has had more interest. The buyer has 24 hours after accepting the item to get in touch with the seller to arrange pick up. If for any reason you can not pick up on the date arranged please notify the seller before the actual day so she is not left waiting.

If for any reason the buyer does not turn up and does not notify the seller of this the seller has the right to sell the item on to the next person.

When tagging a person on an item, the person tagged has first refusual but the person tagged must reply to the item within the hour then it goes to next person who commented.

Once items have been sold and collected please make sure you DELETE your post

If all rules are followed the site should run smoothly.

Happy selling and buying to everyone.