<3 Brit <3 2-16-11

This page is to honor Britney Tongel and is also an anti bullying campaign.

Many of the other memorial pages have been swamped with demeaning
pictures and harsh words, that isn't what Britney deserves, and it will be removed and not tolerated here.

On February 16, 2011, a new angel was created.
Her name was Britney Tongel.
A 17 year old girl from Trevorton, Pennsylvania.
She took her own life due to bullying, no one should have to suffer what she did. My prayers and love go out to her friends and family.
Anyone who wishes to contribute pictures of Britney, feel free to do so, but if they are offensive they will be reported.

This is a page for honor, respect, and mourning, don't disrespect that.