In search of Stella & Dot jewels

1) This is a CONSOLIDATED page for ALL Stella & Dot product ISO needs for STYLISTS ONLY - with payment or trade. Single earrings, discontinued and retired all in ONE page. Payment or trade arrangements are made between individuals.
2) ONLY active Stylists may join.
3) ALL MEMBERS: Please note that ALL purchases made from this page are at your own risk. It is your duty, as the buyer, to discuss with the seller the condition and price of the piece(s) desired. It is also your responsibility to provide shipping payment to ensure proper shipping and handling. If the seller does not charge shipping, she/he may ship the piece(s) to you via whatever medium they choose. In today's e-commerce world, (especially in the "used" department), the buyer makes every effort to know what they're paying for. Be warned and take heed, please.
4) Before making ANY Transaction with someone you don't know ask for their Stylist ID and check it out with S&D!!!