1. Fucking dicks,porn pic,porn videos,sex links strictly not allowed
2.Respect each other nation,no bad comments especially to a girls post
3.No advertisements or any application
4.Don't force anyone to add u, to have their Skype,IMO,whatsapp
5. Use English language in posting and commenting
6. Be aware of bad comments that can hurt to others
7. Respect and don't fight with each other and most important
8. Respect the administration

We make this group to build friendship with other country.
I'm asking your full cooperation on this

God Bless Us All

Thanks and Have a nice day

Creatress: Maricel suelen
Founder: alma suelen
Co-founder: mohsin mumtaz

gudala Timbert Mart
Anas Anes
Shiv rauniyar
Baiden Joan
Khamielah yshe tecson
Quel mosh
Aybhie Denise Chua
Jamicacel olaya
Julmar jumdani usmani