Yamhill County K9

This is a new group where members can go to have discussions about dogs, ask questions about dogs, form dogs day out events, low cost vaccination clinics etc. This group is strictly about dogs, depending on how the group goes we will add more animals like cats etc.

However, we will not allow selling of dogs/puppies. We will allow rehoming with SMALL rehoming fees under $100.00. The ONLY time that we will allow anything over $100.00 is if it is to cover the cost of spay/neuters before the dog is rehomed and the spay/neuter has to be done within the last 30 days before posting. If you post puppies for sale, litter announcements, or anything of the like your post will be deleted and if it continues to happen so will you. Other than that it will be a great group to have discussions and ask questions and to brag about your furry baby(s).