Emerald Mums and Bubs - Buy, Sell or Swap

This group is a meeting point for those in the Emerald area who want to buy, sell or swap specifically baby, toddler and maternity related goods.


Post a photo, description, price, location of the item and state if it is advertised elsewhere. We will not be responsible for the selling and buying, money and items are to be exchanged via the seller and buyer.

To keep it fair and avoid disappointment please remember that the first to comment gets first preference on item. If they don't take the item then it will go to next inline and so on. Please do not commit to a purchase if you cannot buy the item or don't intend to. It is rude and unfair.
Once the item/s are sold, ensure you delete the picture or comment 'Sold' and we will. Items listed as 'Sold P/P' or similar will be deleted after 3 days.

Please upload your photos into the relevant monthly album and put the description as your first comment which will bring it to the main wall. Photos posted directly to the wall will be deleted without warning.
All other member created albums will be deleted. We have 'Phone Friendly Friday' which allows members to post photos straight to the wall every Friday only. All photos will be deleted by midday Saturday so please make sure you collect all the details of interested people.

Photos and posts that are deemed irrelevant to the page will be deleted by admin without warning. Examples of irrelevant content include :
- Kids clothing/toys/equipment that is older than young children
- Men's clothes
- Women's clothing/accessories that isn't maternity or nursing
- Product parties unless directly maternity related
- Diet or lifestyle plans
- Real estate or rentals
- Pets
- Cars, motorbikes and boats
- Garage Sales
- Cosmetics
- Local services (mechanic, beauty therapy etc.)
- Trading cards

Advertising of other pages is accepted as long as it is specifically relevant to baby, toddler or maternity goods. Advertising for pages that aren't specifically related will be deleted. Examples of ads that will be deleted are:
- Cosmetic companies (ie. Avon, Nutimetics) which are not specifically related but might stock a baby cream.
- Cake makers which can make a baby's birthday but don't specialize in baby cakes.
If your page can cater for babies/toddlers/mums then advertise that specific item. Also, posting an irrelevant item with an attempt at relevance (Ie. Car for sale - mums can drive their babies in it) will be deleted.

Do not bump your post up all the time, once a week is sufficient. Excessively bumped posts will be hidden from the wall without notice.

Business photos will be deleted after one year.

Be respectful of others. Anyone seen being rude towards others will be removed with no questions asked. Gossip or slander of local groups/businesses/government offices/people is unacceptable.

These rules have been put in place to ensure the group runs fairly and efficiently. By joining the group you are agreeing to and accepting the rules.