Iloilo Online


Welcome To Iloilo Online!
Dont just talk to your friends... Talk to the whole Iloilo community.. You can buy, sell and trade here as well!!!
Everyone is welcome and as a member you are required to abide by our rules.
This is a general discussion and a buy/sell/trade group.

General Discussion Rules
• Only a maximum of 3 posts is allowed every 24 hours and no successive posts per member
• We value your freedom of expression, you have the freedom to discuss news and announcements, events, food/dining experience, travel, topics pertaining to life & leisure, entertainment, science and information technology and everything about the community that is worth talking about
• Please treat everyone with utmost respect and this includes composing your posts making sure it respects a person regardless of race, religion, sexuality and culture (challenge the opinion, not the person)
• Make sure the topic that you are about to start have not been discussed already
• Posting of obscene content is prohibited groupwide as well as posts that may promote or engage illegal activity
• Spamming/Flooding of wall is not allowed
• Any obvious attempt to violate the rules will be dealt with accordingly

Buy/Sell/Trade Rules
• Only a maximum of 5 posts is allowed every 24 hours and no successive posts per member
• Posts should be prefixed: FS(for sale) LF(looking for) FT(for trade)
• Bogus buyers, sellers as well as joy reservers have no place here, you are not allowed
• Post the picture of the item you are selling, actual or reference at least
• Post the price of the item you are selling and the RFS(reason for selling) for second hand/used items, haggling can be done through pm
• Crapping of buy/sell/trade posts will not be tolerated
• Illegal items are not allowed
• Always handle every transaction with common sense and in a manner where fraud and the like is avoided

This group is regularly monitored by the admins so please follow the rules

Enjoy the community!