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Hazrath Qibla Zindapeer (Alaihi Rahma) was born in 1912 in Jungle-Khail, Kohat, Pakistan. Hazrath QiblaZindapeer (Alaihi Rahma) emanated from the illustrious family of eminent Auliya and Saaliheen, both from his maternal and paternal gynaelogies.
There are numerous miracles of Hazrath Qibla Zindapeer (Alaihi Rahma) which cannot be penned in this short biography; however one of the remarkable words of Hazrath (Alaihi Rahma) was, “Steadfastness is better than miracles and steadfastness is the name of being committed to Shariah.” If we have to ponder into the lifestyle of Hazrath Qibla Zindapeer (Alaihi Rahma), then, definitely, we will learn that Hazrath’s (Alaihi Rahma) greatest miracle was his obedience to Allah and his Rasool (Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam). Hazrath Sahib (Alaihi Rahma) is included among those chosen servants of Allah whose state of heart is of the status of a friend and the witness of the divinity. Their eyes are the place of the sight of Allah and their lives become the mansion or example of admiration. Their speech is only the Zikr of Allah and in every moment they fly high in love. The magnanimity and broadmindedness of Hazrath Sahib (Alaihi Rahma), his purity, his innermost and exalted character has carved such an impression in the world that the revolution of the thousands of this world will not be able to tarnish His Grandeur and Splendour. He, who has seen Him once became infatuated and flew into the passion of love. Hazarat Qibla Zindapeer (Alaihi Rahma) passed away from this mortal world after having completed propagation, persuasion and guidance of the Deen of Allah and His Rasool(SAW). This luminous sun of guidance was laid to rest on the 21st March 1999 in accordance to the 3rd of Zil Hajj 1419. Now his son baadshah-e-walayat Hazrat khawaja baadshah sb and hazoor Zinda Pir sarker's Grandson Najam-e-Walayat HAzrat Pir HAbib Ullah Shah is carrying hazoor qibla Aalam Misson to progress

“May Allah elevate the status of Hazrath Qibla Zindapeer (Alaihi Rahma) and may his blessings continue to pour on us.” Ameen.
Raja Atif Raza Naqasbandi